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Theoretical Perspectives| Introduction to Sociology 2020

Theoretical Perspectives| Introduction to Sociology


From this week’s readings we will understand what is sociological perspective and its three main theoretical foundations (functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction-ism).

Which perspective do you think might primarily drive or bring about social change, and why? Elaborate your response by incorporating the materials from the readings.



This paper is a review of the sociological perspective and its three primary theoretical foundations. It also extensively elaborates on the most proper perspective that would primarily drive or bring about social change in the community.A sociological perspective is an overview of human social behavior and its connection to the structures of the society in which they live. It consists of three fundamental foundations that include; functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction-ism.

Symbolic interaction-ism focuses on symbols and details of everyday life, what they mean and how people interact with each other. In functionalism, each aspect of the society is interdependent and contributes to it functioning as a whole. On the other hand, conflict perspective targets the negative, conflicted and ever changing nature of the society that contributes to its stability.

Functionalism would be the most compelling view that would primarily drive or bring about social change. An example to support this is the entire institutional system that constitutes of the family, educational, and economic systems. The family depends on the school to raise their children into law abiding and tax paying citizens, who can be able to take care of their families. In the process, they will end up supporting the state resulting in order, stability, and productivity. However, in the unfortunate event of a financial recession, the society must then adapt to a new order i.e. families tighten their budgets, social programs trimmed, and schools offer fewer programs.

In conclusion, the society is a holistic institution that entails structures that work together to ensure a productive and stable environment for the particular individuals in that community.Social perspectives are used to understand human behavior while seeing the broader social content. One can use this as a basis for understanding human behavior in everyday life.



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